1. Where are you located?

    Click here for detailed information about our location.

  2. Do you accept walk-in appointments?

    We regret that we cannot accept walk-in appointments. All visits must be scheduled in advance.

  3. Do my patients need a referral?

    Patients do not need a referral for pelvic physiotherapy. They do, however, need a referral to see one of our clinic doctors.

  4. How do I make a referral?

    Referrals should be faxed to 403-943-8979. Wolf EMR customers may use their e-referral system. Download a referral form here.

  5. How long is the wait for an appointment?

    See a list of our estimated wait-times for our various services here.

  6. Who will my patient see at their appointment?

    Depending on the nature of the condition and the reason for referral, patients may be seen by a nurse, dedicated pelvic physiotherapist, specialist family physician, urologist, or uro-gynecologist.

  7. What uninsured services might my patient have to pay for?

    Fees may apply for the following uninsured services:

    • Educational sessions with our specialist nurse
    • Pelvic physiotherapy
    • Medical advice beyond the scope of a scheduled visit
    • Completion of insurance forms and off-work notes
    • Prescription renewals

    Fees for the uninsured services listed above comply with the standards set by the Alberta Medical Association.

  8. What is your cancellation and no-show policy?

    We request at least two (2) business days’ advance notice for cancellations or the visit will be considered a “no-show”. Depending on circumstances, patients failing to show up for their office or hospital appointment or re-scheduling without two business days’ notice may be re-scheduled to the next available appointment which could delay your service by several months.”

    You can confirm or cancel your appointment by telephone at 403-943-8900.

    The clinic is a very busy environment with many health care professionals working.  We often run late when we are dealing with urgent or complicated patient matters. We ask that you arrive early for your scheduled visit to complete forms.  If you arrive late, we will attempt to keep your appointment but may need to re-schedule in order to provide care to those who have arrived on time.

  9. What preparation is required for a cystoscopy?

    There is no special preparation required for a cystoscopy. Patients are advised to shower or bathe on the day of their appointment, and to not fast. Eating a light breakfast or lunch prior to the appointment is recommended.

  10. What preparation is required for pelvic physiotherapy?

    There is no special preparation required for a pelvic physiotherapy appointments. Patients are advised to shower or bathe on the day of their appointment, and to not fast. Please notify the office ahead of time if your appointment conflicts with your menstrual cycle.

  11. What preparation is required for urodynamic studies?

    Patients are asked to shower or bathe on the day of their appointment, and to not fast. We recommend eating a light breakfast or lunch prior to the appointment. They should avoid caffeinated beverages, and take their usual medications unless otherwise specifically instructed. We ask that they arrive with a comfortably full bladder, and to NOT empty their bladder until they see the urodynamics nurse. They should also bring a list of current medications and details of past health conditions, particularly those affecting their bladder, prostate and/or pelvic floor.