Fellowship Program

Vesia, along with the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology, is pleased to offer a one year fellowship program in Reconstructive and Functional Urology.

General Description:

This is a one-year clinical fellowship in reconstructive and functional urology under the direction of Dr. Kevin Carlson and Dr. Richard Baverstock at vesia [Alberta Bladder Centre] in the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology, Division of Urology, University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This fellowship is accredited by the Department of Surgery of the University of Calgary.

Upon completion, the fellow will be proficient in assessing and managing simple and complex presentations of incontinence, voiding dysfunction (neurogenic and non-neurogenic), pelvic organ prolapse, male stricture disease, female urologic conditions, and pelvic pain. Time will be spent in the clinic, urodynamics lab, cystoscopy suite and operating room. Technical skills will include performing and interpreting urodynamic studies (video and non-video), botulinum toxin injection, implantation of prosthetics, pelvic organ prolapse repairs (vaginal and laparoscopic approaches, including hysterectomy), other vaginal surgery (fistula repair, diverticulum excision, removal of vaginal mesh), urethroplasty, numerous surgical approaches to incontinence, cystectomy, augmentation cystoplasty, continent and incontinent urinary diversion, and ureteric reimplantation. Sacral nerve stimulation may also be available to the interested candidate. Completion and publication of clinical research projects is expected.

Requirements and Application Process:

Successful candidates will have completed a urology residency training program and be eligible for licensure in the province of Alberta.

Applications are accepted until April 1st of the year prior to start date. Please send a letter of interest and forward a minimum of 3 reference letters (one must be from your program director) to info@vesia.ca. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed at the CUA Annual Meeting the year prior to start date. Elective rotations prior to application are encouraged.