Our Mission

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of patients with conditions affecting function of their lower urinary tract and pelvic floor.

Our motto:

“Quality of life through quality care.”

How will we achieve this?

By providing a multi-disciplinary Centre staffed by like-minded motivated individuals working towards this common goal, and by employing innovations in health care delivery to improve timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness of care.

Detailed Statement of Purpose

Vesia: Alberta Bladder Centre is a dedicated referral centre for diagnosis, treatment, and education of patients with neurological and non-neurological conditions affecting bladder and voiding function including male and female incontinence, overactive bladder, neurogenic and non-neurogenic voiding dysfunction, inflammatory disorders of the bladder (eg. recurrent infections), male and female pelvic reconstructive surgery, and other bladder conditions.

These conditions are managed in an inter-disciplinary fashion structured to improve access and level of care for patients, while introducing efficiencies in the system to reduce delivery costs.

The Centre also serves to educate the medical community (physicians, nurses, and allied health) and the population at large about bladder conditions. A fellowship program is being developed to train Canadian urologists, and nursing as well as public education initiatives are also undertaken.

The Centre is actively involved in research of conditions affecting the lower urinary tract, and will raise money to support a wide array of research initiatives, both locally and internationally.