Why Vesia

Bladder, prostate and pelvic floor conditions are common conditions that have a negative impact on the quality of life of those suffering with them.

Vesia was established to improve awareness, access, and quality of care for men and women whose lives are affected by these disorders.

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Our Mission

To improve quality of life for patients with conditions affecting their lower urinary tract and pelvic floor.

How will we achieve this? By providing a multi-disciplinary Centre staffed by like-minded, motivated individuals, and by employing innovations in health care delivery to improve timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness of care.

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The professionals at Vesia offer consultation, diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services pertaining to disorders of the bladder, prostate and pelvic floor. 

Depending on the nature of the condition, patients may be seen by a nurse, physiotherapist, specialist primary care physician, gynecologist, or urologist. They may be scheduled for bladder function testing (urodynamics) as part of their assessment. Vesia also offers educational sessions and pelvic physiotherapy.

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