Taking Control

See a Professional!

If you’re experiencing problems with your urinary or pelvic floor function, we encourage you to talk your doctor. In many cases, simple things can help improve your situation. In other cases, you may be referred to see one of the professionals at Vesia. If you do not have a family doctor, you may book directly to see one of the bladder-focused primary care doctors at Vesia, or you may get started with our nurse educator or dedicated pelvic floor physiotherapist.


Get Informed!

While some conditions will only resolve with the help of medication or surgery, there are many ways to improve urinary symptoms and pelvic floor problems that do not involve either. We encourage you to learn about Bladder Health, Pelvic Floor Health and Pelvic Floor Exercises by visiting the links on this site, regardless of what your bladder or pelvic floor concern may be. For more specific information about your particular condition or treatment, we encourage you to visit our Education section. Here, you’ll find comprehensive, high-quality Educational Videos, as well as Links and Resources and Recommended Reading. You may also contact us to book an Educational Session with our nurse. If you need assistance with pelvic floor muscle training and education, you may book an appointment with our dedicated Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.