Experience Vesia

Please try to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment (check out our hours and location). Bring a complete and up-to-date list of your medications, supplements and allergies. If you need assistance with this, ask your pharmacist to print out a list of your active medications.

We strongly encourage you to complete our required Forms ahead of time and bringing them with you – this will be easier to do in the comfort of your home, and will save you time in the office. It is also helpful to keep a Diary of your dietary and bladder habits to help you and us gain a greater understanding into your condition, and to follow the results of treatment.

We strongly encourage you to visit our Education section before and after your visit to receive ongoing education about your condition, investigations, and treatment.

If you require follow-up advice beyond the scope of your last visit, you may request online communication between scheduled visits through our secure system for Uninsured Services. You may also book a live Educational Session with our nurse at any time.