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Dr. Baverstock on the prostate, treatments for BPH and Greenlight Laser Technology

During the monthly Prostate Cancer Canada Network Calgary meeting, urologist Dr. Richard Baverstock gives an overview of the prostate and the various treatments for BPH that can be done post-surgery. In particular, he explores the new GreenLight Laser technology and the pluses and minuses associated with it and other treatments.

Watch the video (62 min)


Dr. Baverstock talks about what’s new in the treatment of incontinence

Urologist Dr. Richard Baverstock gives a talk on what’s new with the treatment of incontinence for both men and women at the monthly Prostate Cancer Canada Network Calgary meeting. He discusses prostate treatments and their effects on incontinence and the different alternatives out there in dealing with the dribble. Questions are answered at length afterwards.

Watch the video (80 min)