November Press Release

Published on November 8, 2016

Drs. Richard Baverstock and Kevin Carlson from the Section of Urology at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine and vesia [Alberta Bladder Centre] have been awarded a two-year Movember Discovery Grant from Prostate Cancer Canada.

Funding from this two-year award will be used to study the effects of prostate cancer treatment on overactive bladder (OAB). Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst Canadian men, and OAB is one of the more prevalent chronic conditions in the country. Yet, how treatment for prostate cancer effects symptoms of OAB is not well understood. This important study by Drs. Baverstock and Carlson will help healthcare providers better inform their patients about the risks associated with different treatment options for prostate cancer.

This study will be done in collaboration with the Prostate Cancer Centre in Calgary. The Prostate Cancer Centre will support this project by identifying potential participants for the study and disseminating the results to its network of men, families, and healthcare providers.

Dr. Baverstock is a Clinical Associate Professor with the University of Calgary’s Department of Surgery. He is recognized as a key opinion leader in OAB, incontinence and male reconstructive surgery in Canada. Dr. Carlson is a Clinical Associate Professor and Section Chief of Urology with the University of Calgary’s Department of Surgery. He is a recognized leader in pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, incontinence, OAB, and voiding dysfunction.

The study will be carried out at vesia [Alberta Bladder Centre], located within the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology at the Rockyview Hospital. Since being founded in 2011, vesia [Alberta Bladder Centre] has helped thousands of patients with neurological and idiopathic conditions affecting bladder and voiding function.

For more information regarding this study or the grant received, please contact the lead research assistant, Camille Charbonneau, at 403-943-8912.